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 Fitness & Health


Act as if what you do

makes a difference. It does.

What to expect in your consultation:

  • Physical Fitness Rediness Assessment 

  • Gait Analysis

  • Functional Movement Assessment

  • Flexibility Assessment

All assessments are modified to match your level of readiness and are not designed to be overly strenuous.

  • Biostatistical Analysis---

    • Body Fat Percentage

    • Weight

    • Measurements

    • Pictures​


All biostatistical analysis are non-invasive.

  • Come to your consultation:

    • wearing comfortable layer you can move in

    • a clean pair of sneakers, with socks, no outdoor shoes, please

    • a reusable water bottle

    • your completed your new client paperwork (submitted online prior to consultation)

The physical assessment is not designed to be overly strenuous and will be modified to your personal current fitness level.

We aren't just personal trainers; we help you restore balance in your movement. 


We tailor everything to your personal needs and goals. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to YOUR health. Your mom was right, you are a unique snowflake.


We are here to help take you to the next level and to teach you the skills you'll need to achieve any of your goals, in fitness and in life.

Did you know that exercise and proper nutrition are the number one way to stimulate brain activity, reduce waist size, improve lymph drainage, improve sleep, and fight non-communicable diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and dementia?

Whether you are just beginning your health journey or are a veteran lifter, we have a program that's just right for you.