Jason Aprea

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Jason has experience helping many clients achieve their goals. As a natural competitor and athlete, Jason's perfect client is driven and athletic.  He excels in taking his clients to the next level and beyond. Through working with clients he has developed a fail-proof plan and is experienced in pushing you to break the threshold of human possibility. He specializes in weight training, flexibility training, post-injury recovery for athletes, sport-specific training, mixed martial arts and self-defense. He is a black belt in Tae Kwon Don and a former national level competitor, an experienced lifter, bodybuilder, certified personal trainer with a serious love of life. You won't find a more knowledgeable and personable coach anywhere else.

Emily Aprea

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Emily has many years of experience with clients helping them achieve their goals. She is the perfect coach for anyone on the path of self-betterment. Constantly on the search of knowledge she is studied in genetic and biochemical reactions of food and supplements on the body, supplementation for health and nootropic benefits, using exercise to combat stress and build mind-body connections, intermittent fasting, positive social interaction and self-love. A long time dancer, amateur genetic nutritionist, entrepreneur, certified personal trainer, certified in sports nutrition and a  bodybuilder, Emily can help you achieve your goals and love yourself in the process.


I love having a personal trainer! With Emily's help and Weight Watchers, I've lost 36 pounds! She's helped me get through rotator surgery and keeps me in check with the rest of my body. Best decision I've made since moving to Vermont!

Before I started seeing Jason at BBetter I HATED everything to do with exercise. Exercise also scared me-it reminded me about my insecurities about my body and of a hundred fitness regimen failures. At our initial appointment when he told me I would soon love coming to work out, I definitely didn't believe him. 

Now, just 6 weeks later I am succeeding, and it is definitely because of Jason. Under the muscles is a knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging personal trainer. And he was right-I was hooked within 2 weeks and now I can't imagine life without our sessions. And the weight loss is only a tiny part of why. Most of it has to do with feeling fit and strong and (finally) successful. I recommend Jason as a trainer to anyone who needs help and guidance getting in shape.

I couldn't be happier with the the results! A great staff that's professional, fun and really cares about your self-improvement. I would highly recommend.

After I broke my hip in February, I decided to find a personal trainer. I went to BBetter and met with Jason. He explained to me what he wanted to do to start getting my strength back. I have been going twice a week. The entire staff there are very knowledgeable and always willing to help or just answer a question. The strength is coming back in my leg. I highly recommend the entire staff there for any strength building you might want. Thanks BBetter.

I absolutely love this place! They make me comfortable, even though I have farther to go in my fitness journey than some. Emily is amazing and just the right balance between pushing you to the limit and being completely supportive. My body feels so much stronger in the 6 weeks I've been going. Just went from 2 days a week to 3 days a week and I can't wait to see where this journey takes me. If you aren't where you want to be fitness wise they can help! Just reach out.






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