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About Us


We believe that a good coach and trainer is molded from experience and knowledge. At BBetter we have both. Our trainers are certified personal trainers, nutritionists, certified in law of attraction, and many more. We have the know-how to take you from where you are now to where you want to be! 

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BBetter first began, in 2012, with a 150 sq ft back closet room we rented from Jason's Sensei. In those days, we were called BBetter Inc. This website has been in operation since our very beginning days, hence its link

We had one squat rack, a bench, and a set of Nautilus Dumbbells we had borrowed from Jason's father. During non-class hours we had the use of the Tae Kwon Do studio; soft mats, jump ropes, Century bags, and a sound system. 

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We quickly outgrew the space we had and moved to a 1000 sq ft room in an old paper factory. We brought in equipment and mirrors, but, we outgrew that too! We rented a second room right around the corner. We acquired the final piece, the corner room that connected both our spaces. We knocked down the walls and viola, we had a 2000 sq ft facility. We saw much success and so did our clients!

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Still, we dreamed of moving to our beloved Newfound Lake. We are so happy to present our newest facility, right here in Bristol; ready to serve the residents of the lake region and beyond, located across the street from  Mill Stream Park. Not only do we have the an amazing lineup of Hoist equipment but we also provide an experience that is truly tailored to you, meant to steer you to success, for life.

Live better, be better!

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